Do you like computers? Are you always doodling M. C. Escher sketches? Do you dream about triangles at night? Ever wonder if you could get paid for doing what you do in Minecraft?Then keep reading!


Dunkirk Supply is a building materials supply company with two retail locations and a manufacturing location. Our mission is, “We supply structure. We will rise above the chaos in our industry and deliver the awesomeness our customers crave.” Awesomeness in our truss manufacturing plant starts with good design. We are seeking a Component Designer Trainee to design truss and other CAD projects out of our Owings office. This position is key to completing our mission.


The Component Designer Trainee is training to become one of our top notch, professional designers. You will learn to:


Some of the duties include:

Successful performance in this position will primarily be speed and accuracy of design work. Your success will also be measured by improving the work processes. We need you to make us better! This position is not for the faint of heart.



Desired Pluses: