When it comes to decking, there are two main choices: pressure treated lumber or composite decking.  Once the decking material is selected, there are endless options for railings.

Wooden Decking (Pressure Treated Lumber)

Wooden decks can vary widely in cost. Pine decking is cheap but only lasts for a couple of years before it has to be replaced. Higher quality and harder woods such as teak will be more expensive but will last substantially longer, up to seven years. The main advantage of traditional wood is the aesthetic appeal. Every plank manufactured from natural timber has unique grain and looks wonderfully authentic because of it. Some hardwoods are naturally rot- and insect-resistant and can handle hot, sunny weather very well too. Unfortunately, wood does have disadvantages. Wooden decks require constant maintenance and can warp and rot if not taken care of properly. Wood loses its aesthetics as it ages, bleaches, and begins to deteriorate.


Composite Decking

Composite decking is made of a mix of wood fibers (usually obtained from sawdust) and a plastic resin, either polyethylene or PVC. The result is something that looks rather similar to wood, though composite decking with PVC does tend to have a more ‘plastic’ appearance. For a little more upfront cost, there is significant increase in durability and far less maintenance.



With thousands of choices, we can help you select the posts, rails, balusters, gates, hidden fasteners, and even lighting options that will take your deck to the next level. There are three main categories or railing.

Vinyl Railing
Vinyl railings are our most popular choice with the largest options for colors, styles, options, and dimensions. This is a fast and economical way to enhance any deck.


Composite Railing 
Composite railing is a step up in quality from vinyl railings. Composite railings have the weight, look, and feel of wood, without the risk of rotting.


Aluminum Railing 
Aluminum railings are strong and durable and will not easily bend, break, twist, rust or snap. They are a good balance of strength, cost, and appearance.


Wrought Iron Railing
We can custom fabricate and install wrought iron railings. These are most popular for use with concrete steps such as a front stoop or exterior basement steps.



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