Concrete and Masonry Tools


For concrete and masonry professionals, time is money, and high-quality concrete finishing tools and masonry tools are a necessity, not a luxury. At BuilderUp, we’ve got you covered. From basic trowels to diamond blades and cut-offf saws, we have what you need. Whether you need a concrete float, a concrete trowel, or other masonry tools, we provide quality and unmatched service that save you time and keep you and your team working. 

BuilderUp has relationships with well-known concrete and masonry tool suppliers such as Marshalltown, Chapin, and Magnolia Brush. If it’s not carried in our retail stores, we can order almost any concrete and masonry tools you may need for your project. Give us a call at 410-618-3100 to place your order.

Here’s some of our most requested products:


Edgers - concrete toolsEdgers
bull floatsBull Floats
hand floatsHand Floats
kumalongs placersKumalongs and Placers