Patch and Repair


As your home improvement customers become more aware of repair and renew possibilities, you may get calls for concrete repair needs for walls, foundations, slabs and stairs. We offer a wide range of overlay going as thin as a feathers edge finish. Our lines have the strength and durability needed for repairs to driveways and foundation walls as well as minor repairs of spalling and hair line cracks. Concrete crack repair, concrete resurfacing, and concrete overlays are common requests.

At BuilderUp, we work hard to be the only supplier you need, no matter how complex a patch or repair job gets. Our wide variety of products and competitive prices mean that you can get what you need when you need it and get the job done under budget and on time. We carry brands that you can rely on such as WR Meadows, Kaufman and Soudal

Here’s some of our most commonly requested products: 

  • Epoxy Repair Mortar
  • Injectable Cartridges
  • Polyurethane Caulk and Sealant
  • Polymer Repair Mortars for Horizontal, Vertical and Over Head
  • Acrylic and Epoxy Bonding agents