Cure Thinfilm 445 White 5gal

Cure Thinfilm 445 White 5gal

by Kaufman Products

Thinfilm represents a line of high quality, concrete curing compounds specially designed for highways. These curing compounds form a thin
membrane when sprayed or brushed on freshly finished concrete surfaces. This membrane keeps 95% or more of the gauging water in concrete for three days, and affords maximum curing with a minimum expenditure for labor and materials. Thinfilm compounds are specially formulated to meet specific state highway specifications.

White Pigmented

Thinfilm 445 Wax Base ASTM C-309, Type II, Class A

VOC 3.1 g/Liter AASHTO M-148

States of DE, IN, KY, MD, NC, PA,


FAA Approved

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