Enjoy an attractive, open-air screen porch with a perfect fit that can be easily installed in hours. DIY homeowners and home professionals use Screen Tight to create beautiful screen porches, patios and other outdoor living spaces. Developed and patented by a remodeling contractor who was convinced there was “a better way” to design, install and maintain screen porches, the Screen Tight system is trusted by do-it-yourself homeowners, handymen and professional builders alike. The Screen Tight system consists of a base that is attached to existing porch framing and a cap that comes in a variety of colors that attaches on top. Once the base is attached, the screen is simply rolled into place and the cap snaps into the base. Conventional porch screening consists of staples and wood lattice that is typically breaks each time the screen is repaired. Screen Tight uses a vinyl cap that can be removed and snapped back when re-screening, allowing a quick and efficient replacement.