Site Work Materials


Pipe and Drains

When it comes to pipe, BuilderUp has a variety of options for your project needs. We offer metal culvert pipe, corrugated drain tile, dual wall HDPE pipe, and schedule 20 and 40 PVC pipe. We also stock all the accessories you may need to accompany your pipe such as adapters, couplings, caps, connectors, reducers, and sump pits and lids.

Culvert Metal Pipe and Dual Wall HDPE is often required under driveways, roads and highways to control water flow, whereas drain tile is traditionally used in residential and commercial building applications. Drain tile pipe is essentially a network of solid and perforated pipe that run alongside a home or building to encourage water to drain away from the foundation. Additionally, we have your traditional Schedule 40 PVC pipe and fittings along with our thin wall sewer and drain pipe. Our 4”x10’ thin wall solid and perforated SCH 20 sewer and drainpipe are commonly used in sewage and industrial waste. For more information or to place an order, contact our customer service team at 410-618-3100.

BuilderUp has trench drain solutions as well. We stock both PolyLok and ABT Drains. These are all widely-used, pre-engineered trench drain systems. These ABT Drains systems come in drainage runs of almost any length. Each one of the ABT Drains systems offer many accessories to get the job done and ease installation. Some accessories we carry include end plates, outlet plates, and grates.


Culvert PipeCulvert Pipe
Drain Tile PipeDrain Tile Pipe
Sewer Drain PipeSewer Drain Pipe
PolyDrain PolyDrain
Sub-Surface DrainSub-Surface Drainage


Geotextiles and Fencing

Setting up your work site means preparing it for construction, safely completing the job, and putting the site back together better than you found it. BuilderUp offers site work supplies such as construction fencing, woven and non-woven fabrics, erosion control blankets and even contractors mix grass seed.

BuilderUp stocks MDE and DOT specified silt fence, Anne Arundel specified reinforced silt fence. We offer specified Super Silt Fence packages that include fabric, hog rings, pre-ties, posts and chain link backing. We also provide orange safety construction fence and the “T” post to install them.

In order to provide proper drainage and stabilization on your job site, we offer various geotextiles. We have non-woven fabric to meet all of you drainage and filtration needs. Drainage fabric allows high water flow with soil separation. We also offer woven fabric, which allows soil separation while maintaining ground stabilization used for driveways, roadways and other traffic bearing applications.

Finally, when work is complete and it’s time to return your job site to its end users, BuilderUp offers grass seed and Curlex landscape blankets. These landscape blankets promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed while providing necessary erosion control. Curlex is an all-natural product that helps keep grass seed moist and protected.



Silt FenceSilt Fence
Drainage FabricDrainage Fabric
Curlex Landscape BlanketsCurlex Landscape Blankets


Survey Equipment

BuilderUp offers basic survey equipment such as laser levels, survey rods, line string, wood & metal grade stakes, marking paint, flagging tape, safety vests, and measuring wheels. For long range measurements across your entire job site, we offer the Spectra Laserplane LL500 Exterior Self-Leveling Laser Level. To place your order, call our customer service department at 410-618-3100.


survey equipment