Metal Flatwork Forms

Reusable metal sidewalk forms are the best way to save money and reduce labor over the long term. 

These steel sidewalk forms are a true 4 inches and used by concrete contractors for the following applications: driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, commercial floors, and lightweight paving. 

In comparison with wood forms, Metalforms not only greatly reduce setting and stripping costs and completely eliminate costly, recurring lumber bills, but they represent an investment in equipment which will give many years of rugged, dependable service. 

Forms are easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean up and take down. The forms’ lightweight composition saves labor and wear and tear on workers’ backs. The forms’ durability saves your budget as you reuse your concrete forms again and again.

Made of 12 gauge steel; Streamlined design permits easy handling and efficient transport.

Steel Flatwork Concrete Forms Options:

  • Special Punching: Hole punching can specified in the face, base, or top tread.
  • Sliding End Connection: Sliding end connections permit forms to be stripped over dowel bars.
  • Steel Thickness: Forms can be made of alternative gauges of steel.
  • Keyway Form: Is quickly and easily attached to Metaforms® to provide a “tongue and groove” joint between adjacent sections of flatwork. Keyway form is conveniently attached by bolting through holes in face of forms.

This item is stocked & ready for pickup. There is no minimum quantity required to order for delivery.


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