Prep Faster with Reusable Flatwork Forms

Some contractors report that building custom lumber forms can eat up as much as 25% of the construction budget. The smarter, faster, and less expensive option is to use reusable forms. 
Our reusable, plastic concrete forms have metal stake pockets to secure your formwork. The optional overhead hangers are perfect for precision adjustments for the perfect curb thickness.
These forms are perfect as sidewalk forms, driveway forms, or curb forms. Reusable forms bring value to your job with:

  • Easy - No monkeying around with the form height. For example, a sidewalk might be specified to be four inches thick, while 2x4 lumber is approximately 3.5 inches. Cleaning is easy too. You can use the metal stake pockets and water to clean excess concrete.
  • Quality - Whether it is a tight corner or a sweeping curve, you get the smooth, clean look that your customers expect. Lumber form height is not uniform, so the durable plastic assures you have it right every time.
  • Fast - No cutting, no adjusting the height, interlocking end connections, and half the weight of lumber forms, make setting up you formwork a snap! Setup time is typically half that of regular lumber.
  • Less Waste - No need to throw your old damaged lumber away every few jobs. Many contractors have used their poly forms for over 150 jobs.
  • Versatile - The slide-type "Stacking" pockets let you stack the forms to heights of 8", 10" and 12". The twist-in "Overhead Hanger" is adjustable for both curb thickness and curb batter (layback).

Once you start using reusable poly forms, you will never want to go back! Check them out here or call us at 410-618-3100 for more information.


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