Upgrades to truss plant mean faster, more consistent service

There are big changes at the BuilderUp truss plant. We know speed and quality drive your choice in a truss provider, so we’ve invested in truss fabrication like never before. We fully automated our setup process which means we build faster and deliver sooner. Our upgraded tables produce a more consistent truss, improving our quality scores from the independent Truss Plate Institute.

While many truss providers skip design elements to give you an artificially low price, we never take shortcuts that just end up costing you more in the long run. We build in key features like valley sets, hip gables, and corner jacks that others consider upgrades. This eliminates the need for additional onsite framing, cutting the extra material, time, and manpower required to get your job done right.

Each truss package comes with detailed setting plans that are color-coded and clearly labeled and every truss is marked with corresponding codes making your job run smoother and faster, so you can move on to your next job.

Upload Truss Plans Here

At every step of the process, from sales, to delivery, to your installation, we give you the tools to save time and labor. Call us today at 410-618-3100 or visit BuilderUp.com to upload your plans.


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