Window Safety is a Year-Round Concern

Window safety is important year-round, but as families start opening their windows more with the weather, this is as good a time as any to review window safety concerns.

Windows can be particularly dangerous for young children, especially when they are unsupervised and left to their own accord. Even for adults, a fall from a window could cause serious injury or even death, and when the victim is a child, the severity of the potential injuries increases tremendously. A Safe Kids Worldwide report in 2015 estimated that more than 3,000 children between 5 and 8 are hospitalized from falling out a window. That number is way too large for a cause that can be prevented with awareness and preparation. How do you make sure that an accident doesn’t happen in your house? 

Tips to Ensure Window Safety in Your Home

  • Protect your windows like you would childproof your home. When you want to open a window, open one that is out of reach of children. When you are not opening them for fresh air, close and lock your windows (always keep the windows within your children’s reach closed and locked).
  • Be aware of the furniture you have around your windows. Try to make your children’s path to a window harder, not easier, and make sure you don’t allow your children to jump on any furniture if it is close to a window (locked or not).
  • Keep your eye on your children as much as possible and encourage them to play far from potentially dangerous windows, and other gateways to the outside.
  • Consider installing stoppers to restrict how far your windows can open. This may limit ventilation but would definitely make your windows safer.
  • Teach your children to respect their environment and to be aware of when they are around windows and other potentially dangerous areas.
  • Do not rely on screens to save the day. It does not take much weight to knock a screen out, so even if you have a screen in your window, it is still open and a potential danger to your children.

According to Becky Turpin from the National Safety Council, “it only takes seconds for a preventable window fall to occur. To avoid these needless tragedies, it is very important for parents and caregivers to take steps to prevent home falls." This spring and all year-round be aware of the potential dangers your windows can pose to children and take these simple tips to heart so you can enjoy the nice weather without the risk of injury.


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