Laborer/Truss Plant Fabricator (Owings, MD)

Are you looking for steady work? Do you enjoy working with your hands? Do you like being part of a team? Then keep reading!

BuilderUp is a building materials supply company with two retail locations and a manufacturing location. Our mission is, “We supply structure. We will rise above the chaos in our industry and deliver the awesomeness our customers crave.” We are seeking Truss Fabricators who are key to completing our mission at our Owings, MD truss plant.

The Truss Fabricator position is a great entry level position in our company. All day, every day you will be responsible for building high quality roof trusses. Our customers rely on the work we do to keep a protective roof over their families and businesses. This is tough work. Our plant is covered and somewhat enclosed, but it’s hot in the summer and it’s cold in the winter.

We have two shifts:

Some of the duties include:

Successful performance in this position will primarily be measured by increased consistency in quality of work.  Secondarily, success will be measured by improving the work processes. We need you to make us better!  This position is not for the faint of heart.


Desired Pluses: