Structural Steel

We provide more than just steel I-beams and lolly columns. We provide detailed design services and clear layouts for a quick, easy, and safe installation. All of our steel I-beams are precision cut to the layouts we provide. When the plans call for it, we will provide top plate holes, web holes, and splice plates. Lolly columns are also custom manufactured to your specific project.

Our design team will provide you with detailed, color-coded layouts to ensure the project is constructed as designed. We can provide 3D digital models of each project that are easily viewable on any smart phone, tablet or PC.

When the same team that is designing is also doing the fabrication, you know that you are getting quality. Better yet, we’re only one call away if there are questions on the job. If you need help with steel installation, our team can also provide crane services and welding services.



Rebar is a type of rigid steel that is often used as a reinforcement tool to strengthen and aid concrete under tension. BuilderUp stocks rebar in various sizes ranging from as small as 3/8 inch to as large as 1 inch in diameter. If you’re looking for rebar that is larger or smaller than we typically stock, don’t worry! We can special order the materials needed for your job and get it to you in a timely manner.

In addition to offering specific sizes of rebar, BuilderUp also carries a range of rebar grades. As the grade number increases, the strength of the rebar increases as well. We typically stock ó” rebar in 40 and 60 grade and all other sizes in 60 grade.

BuilderUp offers rebar fabrication such as specified cuts and bends. Whether you need your rebar formed into rings for light poles or bent into an “L” shape for corners, we’ve got you covered!

Additionally, BuilderUp can special order popular sizes and grades of epoxy coated rebar. It is often used instead of conventional reinforcing bars to increase the concrete’s strength over time and to provide additional protection against corrosion. The epoxy coating is applied to the steel prior to shipping to ensure corrosion resistance.