Our I-joist, LVL beams, rim board are backed by our professional design team. Each floor package comes with detailed plans that are custom designed to your exact needs. Plans are color coded and clearly marked and even include cut plans so you save money and eliminate waste. Layouts incorporate steel, joist, LVL, and trusses on one page where applicable. We can provide 3D digital models of each project you can load on iPhone, iPad, PC, or Windows Phone. Installation couldn’t be easier and our design team is available for any questions or concerns you may have. We will determine the best size and spacing combination based on your criteria.

Our engineered lumber options include:


Engineered wood I-joists are top and bottom flanges linked in an “I” shape by an oriented strand board (OSB). The pre-fabrication makes for a strong, yet lightweight alternative to other joist options. Cut plans include detailed information about where cuts can be made for duct work, pipe, and wiring. Engineered wood I-joists are primarily used in residential floor framing, but can be used for roof framing as well. They are perfect for long spans. 16’ to 44’ I-joist lengths are in stock for fast delivery.

We know waste is expensive, so the provided cut list is designed to give you clear instructions that will save you time, money and frustration.

LVL Beams

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a structural composite lumber that is pre-manufactured by bonding multiple layers of thin wood together to create a structurally superior board. LVL’s are typically used as headers and beams, but can be useful in many other structural capacities. LVL beams are stronger and carry heavier loads, allowing for greater spans than conventional lumber.

We also carry all the accessories needed such as joist hangers.

Rim Board and Rim Joist

Rim board is an OSB product that is perfect for perimeter framing and load transfer. Rim board is dimensionally stable and resistant to shrinking and warping. Rim board is a low-cost way to deliver the structure your project needs.