We are a full-service lumber yard carrying framing lumber, pressure treated lumber, OSB and other plywood sheathing products. We know your lumber package has to be right the first time, so we carefully buy from only trusted mills to ensure the highest quality lumber.  We specialize in packaging and delivering full lumber packages for professional builders. We also supply all the needed accessories including, adhesives, hangers, and straps.

Framing Lumber

We have a wide variety of Spruce / Pine / Fir (SPF) framing lumber with sizes ranging from 2”x3” to 2” x 12’, lengths from 8’ to 20’.

Treated Lumber

When a piece of lumber is hidden in your walls, looks don’t matter, but when your lumber is on display in your deck, or another outside venue, visual quality matters. We only carry No.1 treated lumber because we know that a little extra upfront cost will save years of deck remorse. All of our treated lumber is ground contact rated.

With sizes ranging from six-foot 1”X6” treated pine to twenty-foot 2”X12” treated pine, we have the perfect treated lumber package for your outdoor wood project.

If you are looking for a maintenance free, longer lasting option, we recommend you check out the composite decking section of our website.

OSB, Plywood, and Sheathing

If you are looking for a simple, low-cost solution like standard plywood, or you are looking for ZIP-R sheathing’s superior insulating value of continuous insulation, we have it. We also carry all the accessories needed for all the best manufacturer installation practices.