Rebar Fabrication

Getting the job done fast, with less labor, and in spec is the best way to improve the profit of your jobs. Rebar fabrication is a great way to save time, money, and job site headaches.


We understand that every job has different requirements, so we are ready to provide whatever you need. We can provide estimates, details, shop drawings, bent and cut rebar for small to mid-sized jobs. We can even help with installation if needed.


  • Faster: With our equipment and training, our team can produce in hours what might take a field crew days. Letting us do your rebar fabrication helps to keep your project on schedule or get you caught up and back on schedule.
  • Less Labor: Good people are hard to find and when you do find them, you need them to be building, not preparing to build by bending and cutting rebar. Our expert estimators save the labor of doing rebar take-offs.
  • Quality: Bending alters the strength of the steel, and how you bend makes a big difference. The length must be right, the angle must be right and the method must be right.
  • Reduce Waste: With all the odds and ends from cutting, you can get stuck with a lot of waste rebar. Let us deal with that in our shop! When you have waste, you pay for it twice, first purchasing material you don’t need and a second time when you have to pay to clean up and dispose waste.


We can bend and cut rebar sizes from #3 rebar to #8 rebar and up to grade 60 steel rebar. If you need tieing or welding, we can do that too!

Send us your plans, or call us at 410-618-3100 for more information.