Stamps for Stamped Concrete

Looking for materials to complete your next decorative concrete job? Rent stamped concrete patterns from BuilderUp! We use stamped concrete patterns designed by Increte Systems and Scofield. You can have the durability of concrete, with the decorative look of slate, brick, stone, cobblestone, wood, and granite. Stamped concrete can be used both residentially and commercially; common applications include driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, court yards, entrances, round-a-bouts, & streetscapes.

Available stamps include: Solider Course Used Brick, Riverwalk Slate, Olde English Slate, Notched Olde English Alshar Slate, Large Random Flagstone, Herringbone Used Brick, Running Bond Used Brick Thinline, Flower Rock Thin Grout Line, Euro Fieldstone, Slate Skin, Old London Mermaid Granite, Cobblestone Running Bond, London Slate Interlocking Pattern, Vermont Slate Random Interlocking, & Canyon Stone Interlocking Pattern. Call us for rental information and inquiries: 410-618-3100.


Pervious Concrete Trailer

Take advantage of our pervious concrete trailer - complete with all tools & equipment you will need for your next pervious job! Pervious concrete is a unique blend concrete that has interconnected holes which allow water to flow through while providing a durable paving surface that outlasts traditional asphalt. Our Pervious Concrete Trailer comes complete with the following inventory:

  • Hydraulic Power Equipment                                                              
  • Driver Handle Hydraulic Hoses
  • 2-Roller Stands
  • 13' & 6' Steel Tubes
  • Jointing Cross Roller
  • Standard Cross Roller
  • 4-Bullfloat Handle - 6'
  • Deadman Handle
  • 2 Lift Straps
  • Spare Tire
  • Information Packet

*Renter is responsible for all equipment. All parts must be returned intact and undamaged or renter will have to pay cost of damaged item(s). Must be NRMCA Pervious Certified.

Insulated Concrete Form Bracing Systems

Need bracing systems for your next ICF project? Rent the materials from us! Plumwall Insulated Concrete Form Bracing is a leading innovator in the field of high quality, easy-to-use ICF bracing systems. Plumwall ICF braces are engineered with exclusive one man alignment control at platform level. Set up faster with the Plumwall’s one step measure and adjust ability.

Not only can you rent bracing systems from BuilderUp, but we also offer crates for transportation. Available transportation and storage crates are forklift accesible, hold 24 Plumwall ICF braces, and are stackable.